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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sponsorship at Kigali Christian School

I spent some time last week with a little girl that my daughter Emma’s family sponsors at Kigali Christian School (run by Youth for Christ in Rwanda). 

Their sponsorship provides for Kelia's quality Christian education and a very nutritious meal each week day. I had brought with me some small gifts – a  fabric bag Emma had made which contained, a card from each of her children, a paper garland Goose had sewn on the machine, some hair ties Em had made and a Bible story book.

Kelia was so happy to know that a family in Australia cared so much for her to send such lovely gifts. We had a really positive time together as I told her about the family and showed her photos, read the cards to her and read several stories to her from the Bible story book.

I am sure Kelia is benefitting greatly from the sponsorship Emma’s family provides. And I know that she is very appreciative.

If anyone is interested to sponsor a child through this program please be in touch with me. There are always children needing sponsorship.

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  1. So lovely to see pictures Mum - thanks! How amazing. Maybe we can visit her one day too!